Vogue, energetic, prepossessed, new...that’s you. Bonaface give me ingenue. Trill, lithe, that’s what you how strong are we?
What would you say, what wouldn’t you do for the crew?


Pure, Beyond Reproach is the new studio album from vibrational club artist Egyptrixx. New sensations + new energy; jeep music for a saturn moon. An exercise in physical sound and granular symbolism, this record suggests a parallel between the total impact of human tendency towards absolute loyalty and an imagined, sub-threshold percussion of collisions among all the oceanic micro-plastics. Bap emotion >> this and that.


The aesthetic is pacific litter clank; chill torrents and artificial triumphalism...actual glow. Repetition apes tidal energy, a reminder of the revolutionary capability of sound. splashing, pounding, dripping, phasing. Glinted piles of shatter swept back and forth - crystal ammunition // liquid contemplation. Anodyne ammo mimics the erasure of ethics via dispersion, backlit by the low key petroleum tangle of



Pure, Beyond Reproach is out now on Halocline Trance (2xLP, WAV). The album features original artwork by frequent collaborator ANF and design by Olenka Szymonski. Mastered by Sam John at Precise and distributed by Crosstalk International.

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● ANAMAI is Anna Mayberry + David Psutka

● WHAT MOUNTAIN is the second album,  recorded at Halocline Trance Studios in 2016. It features friends/collaborators Emily Ekelund + Allie Blumas.

● ANAMAI songs are intimate revelations framed by infinite space; personal truths on a backdrop of 3D sound. The reference points are folk and ambient music, if you like.

● ANAMAI is based in Toronto

● ANAMAI borrows the folk tradition of ‘singer-as-revealer’ but emphasizes circular sound to present inclusivity to the audience.

● WHAT MOUNTAIN will be released by Halocline Trance.

● WHAT MOUNTAIN is an unburdening of experience on a blank template // the imaginary mountain is an empty framework for distinct personal memories. Archetypal fictions of the album serve as a grid where loss, distrust, anger, and hope can co-exist and be observed from any elevation.

● ANAMAI is committed to unique objectives, methods and purpose; and places the project in a broader social movement dedicated to challenging conventionality.



What Mountain is out April 28, 2017 on Halocline Trance (LP, WAV). The album features original artwork and design by Olenka Szymonski. Mastered by James Plotkin and distributed by Crosstalk International. Press enquiries:



Sign of the Cross Every Mile to the Border is an album of material sound and concrete emotion - tranquil, concussive electronics.


Seven meditations on optimism and faith through the prism of environmental cataclysm. Euphoric and dismal; partial survival as hypercolor swirls in fuel spills - econoline psychedelia. Conflicted, synthetic celebrations of the industry of human spirit // the malevolence of the human race; faith as optimism // optimism as escape.


The music is glacial, brittle and incomplete - low-key grandeur. Flippant scrolling through preset menus as virtuosity and casual anthems of indifference to bounty. Digital shatter is washed out by lucid drones and again by programmed noise, a reminder that advocacy builds itself on a foundation of prophecy but  speculation can be crystallized in an instant. Dense sound mimics massive blankets of haze that clarify the primary forces: consumerism, institutional paternalism, genuine human resilience and ingenuity. Life on earth.


Sign of the Cross Every Mile to the Border is out now (Cassette, WAV) on Halocline Trance – Mastered by James Plotkin. Layout by Josh Voynovich. Distributed by Crosstalk International and available to purchase via Halocline Trance and fine music retailers worldwide.




Limit is a crucially free collaboration between David Psutka (Ceramic TL, Egyptrixx) and James Connolly (Dance System, L-Vis 1990) of propulsive, ecstatic sound.

Poor in meticulousness but rich in zeal, this material is defined primarily by a champion energy; the sound of containment, a sense of the containment of sound...absolute light/beam limit. Swerving between functional, club and open formats, the most meaningful constant is a sense of relentless euphoria.


The music is radial and braids a casual yet grandiose spontaneity that invokes supreme monuments conceived but never built - like the Tatlin Tower and its material ambitions to bankrupt an empire...the quest for whatever.


This collection of seven tracks was recorded across a handful of sessions in Toronto and NYC, 2015 and includes a series of accompanying digital images from Toronto-based artist Olenka Szymonski.




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06.20.17 Sled Island Festival, Calgary (as ANAMAI)

06.13.17 Teatro Franco Parenti, Milan

06.07.17 L'escogriffe, Montreal (as ANAMAI)

06.06.17 Bar Robo, Ottawa (as ANAMAI)

05.14.17 Smiling Buddha, Toronto (as ANAMAI)

05.13.17 Strangebarn, Hamilton (as ANAMAI)

05.04.17 Deaf Institute, Manchester w. Blanck Mass

05.03.17 The Cluny, Newcastle w. Blanck Mass
04.29.17 The Lantern, Bristol w. Blanck Mass
04.28.17 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds w. Blanck Mass

04.27.17 Rich Mix, London w. Blanck Mass

03.11.17 Saint Vitus, Brooklyn

02.26.17 Rhubarb Festival, Toronto (as Ceramic TL)

02.25.17 Rhubarb Festival, Toronto (as Ceramic TL)

02.24.17 Rhubarb Festival, Toronto (as Ceramic TL)

02.25.17 Urban Spree, Berlin

02.10.17 Baby G, Toronto

02.09.17 Casa del Popolo, Montreal

01.27.17 Silver Dollar, Toronto (as ANAMAI)


12.09.16 Strangebarn, Hamilton (as Anamai)

12.02.16 Silence, Guelph (as Anamai)

11.04.16 BEMF, Brooklyn (EGYPTRIXX DJ)

10.30.16 Evil Olive, Chicago (EGYPTRIXX DJ)

10.13.16 Music Gallery, Toronto
10.07.16 The Social, Orlando w Junior Boys
10.06.16 Crowbar, Tampa w Junior Boys
10.04.16 Georgia Theatre, Athens w Junior Boys
10.03.16 The Mothlight, Asheville w Junior Boys
10.01.16 The Pilot Light, Knoxville w Junior Boys
09.30.16 Cosmic Charlies, Lexington w Junior Boys
09.29.16 Zanzibar, Louisville w Junior Boys
09.28.16 The Bishop, Bloomington w Junior Boys
09.27.16 Old Rock House, St Louis w Junior Boys
09.26.16 Record Bar, Kansas City w Junior Boys
09.24.16 Slowdown, Omaha w Junior Boys
09.23.16 Grey Theatre, San Francisco w Vessel
09.21.16 Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City w Junior Boys
09.20.16 Top Hat Lounge, Missoula w Junior Boys
09.18.16 Commonwealth, Calgary w Junior Boys
09.17.16 Starlite Room, Edmonton w Junior Boys
09.16.16 Cultural Exchange, Regina w Junior Boys
09.15.16 West End Cultural Centre, Winnipeg w Junior Boys
09.13.16 Turner Hall, Milwaukee w Junior Boys
09.11.16 SuperCrawl Festival, Hamilton
09.09.16 Bar Le Ritz, Montreal w Junior Boys
07.29.16 Electric Eclectics Festival, Meaford (as ANAMAI)

07.09.16 Good Life, Boston (EGYPTRIXX DJ)

07.08.16 Trans Pecos, Brooklyn (LIMIT DJ)

07.07.16 PS: we are all here, TO (Open Fortress w. Ceramic TL)
06.25.16 Weird Canada at Tubby Dog, Calgary (ANAMAI solo)
06.24.16 Sled Island Festival, Calgary (ANAMAI solo)
06.18.16 Moso Fest, Saskatoon (ANAMAI solo)
06.23.16 Luminato Festival, Toronto (as Ceramic TL)

04.23.16 Basilica + Le Guess Who: 24 hour Drone, Hudson, NY (as Ceramic TL )

04.14.16 Artscape Sandbox, INsulator (as Ceramic TL)

04.09.16 Kazoo Fest, Guelph w. Cris Derksen (as Anamai)

03.05.16 Bar le Ritz w. Blanck Mass (as Ceramic TL w. Open Fortress)

03.04.16 Drake Hotel w. Blanck Mass (as Ceramic TL w. Open Fortress)

01.30.16 Cooper Cole Gallery (as Ceramic TL w. Open Fortress)

01.16.16 Silver Dollar w. GABI (as Anamai)


12.12.15 Great Hall, Long Winter Festival (as Ceramic TL)

11.17.15  Smiling Buddha, Toronto (as Anamai)

10.03.15  OCAD University, Nuit Blanche

09.18.15 Rialto, POP Montreal Festival (as Anamai)

09.12.15 238 MacNab st, Hamilton (as Ceramic TL)

09.12.15 Baltimore House, Hamilton

09.05.15 MOMA PS-1, NYC - w Derrick May, Vince Staples

09.03.15 Lees Palace - w. Chelsea Wolfe, Toronto (as Anamai)

08.30.15  Camp Wavelength w Loscil, Do Make Say Think,  (as Anamai)

08.21.15 Strangewaves Festival, Rockton

08.13.15 Pia Bouman Ballet School, Toronto (as Anamai)

08.08.15  Danforth Music Hall - w. Caribou

08.07.15 Pier 4 Park, Hamilton - w. Caribou, Jessy Lanza, Jeremy Greenspan

08.03.15 Lost + Found, Halifax, NS (as Anamai)

08.01.15 Sappyfest Festival, Sackville, NB (as Anamai)

07.29.15 Blacksheep Inn w. Diana, Wakefield QC

07.11.15 Brooklyn, NYC w Bok Bok, l-vis 1990

07.03.15  Denmark, Roskilde Festival

06.25.15 Smiling Buddha w Them are us too, Toronto (as Anamai)

06.17.15 Opera House, Toronto - NXNE Festival (as Anamai)

05.29.15 Brantford, Ontario - (as Anamai)

05.20.15 Mod Club, Toronto - Red Bull Sound Select (as Anamai)

04.25.15 In the Soil Arts Festival - St. Catherines, Ontario (as Anamai)

04.24.15  Cinecycle, Toronto (as Anamai)

04.24.15  8-11, Toronto (as Ceramic TL)

04.17.15  Baltimore House, Hamilton (as Anamai)

04.16.15  Flames Central, Calgary - w. Caribou

04.15.15 Union Hall, Edmonton - w. Caribou

04.14.15 O'Brians Event Centre, Saskatoon - w. Caribou

04.13.15 Garrick Centre, Winnipeg - w. Caribou

04.12.15 First Avenue, Minneapolis - w. Caribou

04.11.15  Metro, Chicago - w. Caribou

04.04.15 Escogriffe, Montreal (as Anamai)

04.03.15 Gabba Hey, Ottawa (as Anamai)

03.31.15 St Louis w. Untold

03.29.15 Flash, Washington DC - w. Untold, Tessela

03.27.15  The Wick, NYC - Pitchfork pres. Tinnitus w. Untold, Tessela

03.26.15 Montreal - w. Untold, Tessela

03.26.15 Jimmy Jazz, Guelph (as Anamai)

03.01.15 June Records (In-store), Toronto (as Anamai)

02.07.15 Guelph, Ontario (as Anamai)

02.06.15 Wavelength, Toronto (as Anamai)

01.30.15 Berghain, Berlin - CTM Festival - w. Powell, Prostitutes

01.19.15 Smiling Buddha, Toronto (as Anamai)

12.31.14 Club Shade NYE, Brooklyn - with Physical Therapy

12.28.14 Drake Underground, Toronto - with JOTS, Galcher Lustwerk

11.29.14 Club Transbo, Lyon

11.28.14 Le Batofar, Paris

11.22.14 Landmark, Bergen

11.21.14 Fire, London

11.20.14 The Harley, Sheffield

11.03.14 Echoplex, Los Angeles - with Wolf Eyes, The Bug

10.25.14 Mutek Festival, Mexico City

08.16.14 Endless Summer Festival, Toronto (as Hiawatha)

08.02.14 NYC, The Wick

07.18.14 Piercy, CA - Northern Nights Festival

06.21.14 Bambi's, Toronto

06.15.14 Handlebar, Toronto (as Hiawatha)

06.07.14 Node Festival, Modena

06.06.14 Nitsa, Barcelona

05.31.14 Berghain, Berlin

05.31.14 DMY Festival, Berlin

05.30.14 NeOne, Prague

05.28.14 Mutek Festival, Montreal

05.25.14 Joshua Brooks, Manchester

05.24.14 Buka, Milan

05.23.14 Spring Attitude Festival, Rome

05.10.14 Drone Day Festival, Toronto

03.06.14 Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto

02.22.14 Jam002, Mexico City

01.18.14 FADE2MIND Warehouse, Los Angeles

01.17.14 Electric Owl, Vancouver

01.15.14 Holocene, Portland

01.06.14 Drake Hotel, TO (as Hiawatha)

01.04.14 HIFI, Calgary

01.03.14  Glasslands, NYC

01.02.14 Boilerroom, NYC